How Trachanas is made in Greek

Nov 27, 2023 | Glossoblog EN

What is Trachanas?

Greek Trachanas is a traditional food made by mixing cracked wheat with fermented milk or yogurt. After drying, it forms small grains. People use it in soups or cook it as a dish. It’s been a part of Greek cuisine for a very long time.

How to Make Trachanas

Χτυπώ τα λαχανικά στο μίξερ. (I blend the vegetables in the mixer.)
Κοσκινίζω το αλεύρι. (I sift the flour.)
Μαγειρεύω τα λαχανικά. (I cook the vegetables.)
Προσθέτω το αλεύρι στα λαχανικά. (I add the flour to the vegetables.)
Ζυμώνω! (I knead!)
Κοσκινίζω τον τραχανά. (I sift the trachana.)
Βάζω τον τραχανά σε ένα βάζο. (I put the trachana in a jar.)

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