Order your lessons

Order lessons


The Glossonauts create a reliable and friedly payment environment for you and they offer you the possibility to choose the security of the payment environment, in cooperation with
the bank of EUROBANK and Paypal

1️⃣ The first step is to fill in the payment form, in which you choose the security environment of the payment, you give us certain personal details and you pick the package you would like to order.

2️⃣ When you succesfully send the form, this message will pop – up:

“Thank you very much for choosing the Glossonauts. Soon you will receive a confirmation email to continue the payment”.

3️⃣ Within 24 hours, you receive an email, either from eurobankpaymentlink or from service@intl.paypal.com (depends on the payment environment you have chosen), with a money request addressing to Glossonauts’ bank account representing the amount of money of your package as written in the payment table and the details of the package you have purchased.

4️⃣ By submitting the payment you will receive a final email from the Glossonauts, in which you can find the legal receipt, as well as the weekly timetable of your lessons, according to the scedule discused in the free trial lesson.

5️⃣ … The only thing left is to fill in the payment form 👇 📝 👇

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