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Your Favourite Greek Words

Your Favourite Greek Words 🎄🇬🇷 In today's special Christmas episode, we're exploring the favorite Greek words of the Glossonauts around the world. ❤️ We're delighted to see how the Greek language is bringing...

Language is culture

Language is culture 1st Glossonauts Multilingual Festival in Xanthi Language is culture! And what is culture? Culture means humanity, kindness, communication, acceptance, and meeting linguistically different others through storytelling and...

How Trachanas is made in Greek

How Trachanas is made in Greek What is Trachanas? Greek Trachanas is a traditional food made by mixing cracked wheat with fermented milk or yogurt. After drying, it forms small grains. People use it in soups or cook it as a dish. It’s been a part of Greek...

Christmas Carols in Greek

Christmas Carols in Greek 🇬🇷🎶The world's youngest Glossonauts sing us Christmas carols and fill us with joy and pride! A centuries-old Greek tradition continues in the digital age!

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