Language is culture

Dec 3, 2023 | Glossoblog EN

1st Glossonauts Multilingual Festival in Xanthi Language is culture! And what is culture? Culture means humanity, kindness, communication, acceptance, and meeting linguistically different others through storytelling and through the language game that children know so well how to play! Language is culture, yes! This was proclaimed in many languages by the multilingual students of the 2nd Primary School of Xanthi with their participation and activities in the 1st Multilingualism and Social Media Festival organized by Glossonauts in Xanthi, 20-21 October at the “Manos Hadjidakis House”. Congratulations to all of them, their teacher Smaragda Karasimopoulou for the excellent preparation of her students, Dimitra Pyrgelis for her exciting narration, the students who participated with enthusiasm, and all the other contributors of this event!*#greece #easygreek #glossonauts

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